Investment Focus

Ashford Green
Atlanta, Georgia

Prescott’s investment activities are primarily focused on targeted property markets in North America as well as selected other international markets.  Prescott identifies and secures investment opportunities; provides capital in conjunction with its investment partners as well as real estate and financial expertise; raises debt, equity and mezzanine capital as appropriate; and provides active asset management for the investment.  Prescott oversees an experienced group of operating partners and service providers that bring development, leasing and property management expertise to the firm’s investments.  Prescott focuses its acquisition activities on existing property assets in growing markets that can be acquired at competitive initial yields with attractive appreciation potential; other assets that may be available due to reorganizations or merger and acquisition activity; properties that benefit from continuing regional economic and demographic growth; and assets that can be acquired advantageously, ideally at a discount to replacement cost, given current dislocation in the market.  In certain circumstances, Prescott also targets investments in existing private or public entities with management expertise and portfolios of assets that can serve as a platform for additional investment or development activity.